iBlue Smart Gate

Security and convenience at a single tap. Control your doors, gates, garages, and more with your phone.

The iBlue Smart Gate is an intelligent gate control solution. The Smart Gate device is a small and compact electrical component that is easily wired into the circuit of just about any gate motor, garage operator, or electric door. The iBlue mobile application is used to communicate with Smart Gate devices using the latest secure Bluetooth technology. The gate/door/garage can easily be opened through the application using either touch ID, iBeacon, or a PIN number.

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iBlue Immobilizer

Use the iBlue Immobilizer device and application to protect your vehicle easily and effectively.

The iBlue Immobilizer device is the smart way to protect your prized vehicle. With the iBlue Immobilizer the vehicle won’t be able to start until it has been unlocked using the iBlue Immobilizer mobile application, helping secure your vehicle from theft. With the Immobilizer app it is also possible to track the location and statistics about the vehicle. You can also keep a virtual log book of fuel, maintenance, and other costs. The Immobilizer device can be easily installed by a mechanic.

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Secure Bluetooth Technology

iBlue uses the latest Bluetooth technology to ensure a safe and reliable connection between the iBlue device and your smartphone.

Unlimited Users, No Subscriptions

iBlue is a one off purchase! There are no additional subscriptions or purchases necessary. Multiple users can connect their phones to the device at no extra cost.

Key Sharing Made Easy

Use the smartphone application to easily and quickly share virtual keys with your friends and family over the internet.



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